Notices of our repair and service department:


Please send - before shipping any faulty DCT DELTA devices – a request for RMA (Return Material Authorization), containing number of faulty units with a short description of the defects of each device (with its serial number) to:

support(at) | Subject: RMA Request.

To simplify the process on your as well as our site and to improve process quality, please use only our RMA sheet. The RMA request form sheet as well as short explanation file how to fill in the required data is an Excel file, which can be used for almost all version and can be downloaded here.

Please provide as much as all needed information in advance to avoid later inquiries, especially regarding the warranty period and procedure if devices are outside warranty or topics not covered by warranty.

Our Repair and Return department will take your input for planning and will sent back to you the corresponding form sheet with the assigned RMA number. Add a copy of the RMA sheet to each packing box you ship to the repair and return department.

Incoming goods without valid RMA form sheet might be delayed in processing or even shipped back, if no direct correlation for contracts or tasks is possible to be done.

Shipping address (DDP Bodman Incoterms 2010):

RMA # (given number)
Bodanrückstrasse 1
78351 Bodman-Ludwigshafen

For customs clearing we need always a copy of the DELTA invoice for the faulty item.

Please observe our instructions for repair and service processing.

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us: support(at) 

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House amplifier cascadable

The new cascadable house amplifier replaces the amplifier LHE 41 P from now on. It has been approved by Unitymedia as well as by Vodafone/KDG.

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DELTA Electronics has been awarded by the SCTE.