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Headend KAB 1000

The KAB 1000 headend is a preconfigured unit to convert digital TV satellite programmes in DVB-S format from the SAT IF ranges into UHF PAL channels. They are recommended for smaller SAT GA systems
(SMATV) so that analogue TV devices can receive digitally broadcast satellite programmes.

The device is pre-programmed to the ten most viewed German programmes and is delivered "Plug & Play" ready for operation.

Individual programming can be conveniently performed using a remote control similar to the "on-screen" operation of a satellite receiver.

The integrated intelligent input splitter enables flexible allocation to one of the four SAT IF ranges on the respective converter tuner by software control.

The output allocation of the PAL channels is freely selectable within the UHF area in the adjacent channel spacing.

Via an auxiliary input, local DVB-T and UKW programmes can be fed, e.g. with the DELTA multiband amplifier MBA 430 N.

Given its compactness, simple set-up and in particular its favourable price, the KAB 1000 is destined for the quick and very inexpensive reanalogisation in SAT antenna systems of hostels, guesthouses and residential buildings.

Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57001700KAB 1000Compact Headend 
Headend KAB 3000
  • The KAB 3000 headend system is phased out.
  • We can still supply individual system components from stock for replacement or retrofitting requirements. Further modules, if necessary for a project, are available on request.
  • We recommend planning and implementing new installations with the KAB 4000 headend system.
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57001402KQR 342Quad module QPSK-AV Receiver  
57001623KQR 344Quad module QPSK-AV Receiver 
57001413KSI 319SAT-ZF Input Splitter  
Headend KAB 4000
  • 8,4 or 2 slots for Quattro- and Twin-modules
  • Processing of up to 16 channels or 32 transponders
  • Collector of the headend 8-way (4- or 2-way) active 47-862 MHz integrated, suitable for adjacent channels
  • Programming via PC or tablet
  • Modulators separately adjustable
  • Energy efficient, reliable power supply unit
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57002878KAB 4000 B4Base unit with 4 slots 
57002156KAB 4000 B8Base unit with 8 slots 
57002881KAB 422Quattro-Module: 4xDVB-S2 in QAM 
57002885KAB 462Twin-Module: HDMI in QAM, MPEG4 
57003637KAB 411 QHDMI Single Encoder 
57003639KAB 442 QHDMI Quattro Converter 
57002915KAB 4000 CTable Control Kit 
57002893KAB 4000-W19" Angle Set 

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