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Remote-Phy at a glance

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Remote-PHY at a glance

Essential advantages of the DELTA Electronics Remote-PHY solution:

  •     Modular approach for RPD and RF-Overlay
  •     Use of standard SFP+ modules (extended temperature range), 2x slots for Red./Daisy Chain
  •     GaN - Technology for start amplifier for N+0 or cascade operation
  •     Two independent active and controlled outputs with prepared DPD setup
  •     1:1 or 1:2 SG support, sharing OFDMA resources for the US
  •     Independent ECO mode support and/or shutdown for each amplifier to optimize signal level and power consumption
  •     Selectable RF-Overlay switch, if not (longer) required
  •     Pluggable diplexer with automatic type recognition and peak adjustment
  •     3. output as external test point or tap/split to the 2. output (for RF daisy chaining, distribution, input for inverted nodes etc.)
  •     Local or remote control for amplifier parameters (CLI or keyboard + display)
  •     Internal test points for DS & US
  •     Status information about temperature (min/max), power consumption, used diplexer, amplifier current and other settings as well as opened device
  •     Integrated FSK modulator for FOSTRA-F support (for N+x setups)
  •     FPGA use allows multiple different configurations to be loaded and later updates (remote download) for new features, customizations, and enhancements.
  •     FDX support for the existing US path (allows for easier US frequency expansion)
  •     Smallest form factor on the market
Remote-PHY datasheet

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