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Accessoires for amplifiers
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57002054AGC 203-1Auto-Gain-Control for LHE 
57002091AGC 303Auto-Gain-control for LHD41/NVD9240 
57002493AGC 403Auto-Gain-Control for NVD/LHD 
57002916AGC 403 GAuto-Gain-Control for NVD/LHD 
57003889AM 301-08 ATap module 8 dB, tap out 
57003760AM 301-08 BTap module 8 dB, line out 
57002093AM 301-10 ATap module 10 dB, tap out 
57002117AM 301-10 BTap module 10 dB, line out 
57003890AM 301-14 ATap module 14 dB, tap out 
57003763AM 301-14 BTap module 14 dB, line out 
57001981FOSTRA FFSK receiver RX: 868 MHz 
57003244FOSTRA F 862FSK Receiver RX : 862 MHz fix 
57003245FOSTRA F TuneableFSK Receiver RX : 860-890 MHz 
10161523PAD 0 PU: 10Fix attenuator pad 
10161524PAD 1 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161525PAD 2 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161526PAD 3 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161527PAD 4 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161528PAD 5 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161529PAD 6 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161530PAD 7 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161531PAD 8 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161532PAD 9 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161533PAD 10 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161534PAD 11 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161535PAD 12 PU: 10Fix attenuator pad 
10161536PAD 13 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161537PAD 14 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161538PAD 15 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161539PAD 16 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161540PAD 17 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161541PAD 18 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161542PAD 19 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
10161543PAD 20 PU: 30Fix attenuator pad 
57002084PAD BOXSetbox, not assembled, with 21 panels 
57002032PAD SETBOXSetbox pre-assembled with 630 pcs PADs 
57001291PG11m - 3,5/12f 17 mmAdapter PG11m - 3.5/12f 
10161204PG11m - 5/8fAdapter PG11m - 5/8f 
57001082PG11m - Ff 47mmAdapter PG11m - Ff 
10161203PG11m - IECfAdapter PG11 on IEC-socket M14/1 
10161205PG11PCBlind cap PG11 
57001903RLK 365Diplex-Module 
57002095RLK 565 PU: 1Diplexer for LHD 41/NVD 9240 
57002096RLK 585 PU: 1Diplexer for LHD 41/NVD 9240 
57001425RLV 65-30Return way ampl. 5-65MHz, 30dB, 
57001904RLV 65-32 DModul return way amplifier 
57001956RV 65-32 EFReturn-way-module BKD .. SF, FOSTRA-F 
57001674VM 202-22-way splitter module 
57002092VM 3022 way splitter module 4,5dB 
Cable- and Installation material
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57000804ABI 70Cable stripper universal 
57001231DR 8620 FFLevel attenuator 1...20 dB 
57000808EB 1 HQEarth grounding block, 1 port 
57000809EB 2 HQEarth grounding block, 2 ports 
57000878EB 4 HQEarth grounding block, 4 ports 
57001663EW 7 HQEarth grounding, 7 ports 
57000811EW 8 HQEarth grounding, 8 ports 
57001662EW 9 HQEarth grounding, 9 ports 
57000814EW 11 HQEarth grounding, 11 ports 
57000818EW 13 HQEarth grounding, 13 ports 
57000768EX 11F-Compression connector 
57001198EX 6 XLWSF-connector compression 
57001616EX 6-49 IECfIECf compression connector 
57001615EX 6-49 IECmIECm compression connector 
57001847EX 6-49 NT PLUSF-Compression connector 
57000772EX 6-51F-Compression connector 
57000775FB-KK 1F-adapter 
57000776FB-KS 1F-adapter 
57000802FCAW uniCable stripper, 2 steps 
57000773FC-KK 1F-adapter, F-slot 
57000774FC-KS 1F-adapter, F-slot 
57001154FR 3-3Fix attentuator 3 dB 
57001155FR 3-6Fix attenuator 6 dB 
57001156FR 3-10Fix attentuator 10 dB 
57000779FR 75F-terminal resistor, turnable 
57002110JP6/60CCTEX12KDFm-Fm patch cable, 30cm 
57002111JP6/60CCTEX16KDFm-Fm patch cable, 40cm 
57000861KOAX 1610 T VPE: 500m1,6Cu/7,1/10; tri-shielded 110 dB 
57003159KOAX 100 ECA VPE: 100m1,02Cu/4,6/6,8; double shielded 100 dB 
57003160KOAX 100 ECA VPE: 250m1,02Cu/4,6/6,8; double shielded 100 dB 
57003161KOAX 100 ECA VPE: 500m1,02Cu/4,6/6,8; double shielded 100 dB 
57003157KOAX 110 A++ ECA VPE: 100m1,02Cu/4,6/6,8; tri-shielded 110 dB 
57003158KOAX 110 A++ ECA VPE: 500m1,02Cu/4,6/6,8; tri-shielded 110 dB 
57001860MAK 250 HQAModem-STB- connector cable T-handle 
57001169MAK 500 HQModem-STB connection cable 
57000813R 75Terminal resistor, pluggable 
57001805SBS-65/542Band-elimination filter 
57000830SHP 3-86Return-way filter 
57000839TW 307 AHTorque wrench 
57001203VT 150Compression tool (color code: blue) 
57001199VT 200Compression tool (color code: blue) 
57001200VT 300Compression tool (color code: green) 
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57001452AD 3 Setcover plate for wall outlets with 3 outputs 
10161348AP 1Frame for wall outlets 
57001201TRIS-1002 HousingHousing for galvanic isolator 
10161670TRIS-1002 AENGalvanical isolator 

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