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House amplifiers at a glance

Advantages, properties and details


BKD - series 1 GHz - Vodafone approved
  • Return path on board
  • Precise and reliable adjustments by variable level attentuator 
    for continuous level and slope control
  • Low noise
  • LED indicator for operation status
  • Vodafone certified
57004730BKD 40 PSHouse amplifier 
BKD - series 1,2 GHz
  • 1.2 GHz house amplifier
  • Integrated flexible return path amplifier, prepared for return way extension up to 204 MHz
  • High modulation cabability in forward and return way
  • Step Spin adjustment, thus values directly readable
  • No additional accessories needed
  • IDS – Ingress Detection Switch
  • FOSTRA-F compatible
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57004609BKD 22 G-65House-amplifier 
57004610BKD 22 G-85House-amplifier 
57004608BKD 22 G-20House-amplifier 
57004612BKD 30 G-65House-amplifier 
57004614BKD 30 G-85House-amplifier 
57004611BKD 30 G-20House-amplifier 
57004616BKD 38 G-65House-amplifier 
57004617BKD 38 G-85House-amplifier 
57004615BKD 38 G-20House-amplifier 
BKE - Vodafone approved (PAD adjustment)
  • 1 GHz house amplifier
  • active return path 65 MHz on board
  • Adjustment through PAD’s, thus values directly readable
  • Small form factor
  • Low power consumption
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57001931BKE 33 P PU: 1House-amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002303BKE 33 P PU: 10House-amplifier 
57001932BKE 36 P PU: 1House-amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002304BKE 36 P PU: 10House-amplifier 
57001933BKE 39 P PU: 1House-amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002305BKE 39 P PU: 10House-amplifier 
57001934BKE 41 P PU: 1House-amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002306BKE 41 P PU: 10House-amplifier 
BKE - Vodafone approved (variable level adjustment)
  • 1 GHz house amplifier
  • active return path 65 MHz on board
  • Variable level adjustment, thus no additional accessories needed
  • Small form factor
  • Low power consumption
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57002595BKE 22 PS-KDG PU: 1House amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002408BKE 22 PS-KDG PU:10House amplifier 
57002596BKE 33 PS-KDG PU: 1House amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002409BKE 33 PS-KDG PU: 10House amplifier 
57002597BKE 36 PS-KDG PU: 1House amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002410BKE 36 PS-KDG PU: 10House amplifier 
57002598BKE 39 PS-KDG PU: 1house amplifier (Single packaging) 
57002411BKE 39 PS-KDG PU: 10House amplifier 
LHE - Vodafone approved (cascadable)
  • 1 GHz downstream bandwith with 65/85 MHz diplex filter
  • Multi-Gain-Technic: 40/32 dB for downstream and 32/22 dB for upstream, both switchable by jumpers
  • Adjustable with pads in downstream and upstream in 1 dB steps
  • Reliable and stable adjustment of all parameters
  • Cable simulator at the input
  • Excellent ouput level perfomance at lowest noise
  • In- and output can be realized at the bottom or at the side
  • Very high linearity up to 1 GHz
  • Unitymedia approval → LHE 1032 P and LHE 1040 P
  • Vodafone/KDG approval (D 4.4) → LHE 1040 P
Art. No.Article nameArticle descriptionPDF
57003568LHE 1032 PHouse amplifier cascadable 
57003569LHE 1040 PHouse amplifier cascadable 

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