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Less cable and space requirements with better quality 

Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57003179MSW 31Wideband Multiswitch 1 SAT position 
57003180MSW 51Wideband Multiswitch 2 SAT positions 
57003177MSW 96 PWideband Multiswitch 4 SAT positions 
57003178MSW 106 PWideband Multiswitch 4 SAT positions 
57004069MSW 502-16 KPWideband Multiswitch 2 SAT positions 
57003181WBV 230Wide Band Amplifier 
57003355WQA 24Wideband to Quattro Adapter 
57003450WBS 2424Wideband splitter 2x 2-way 
57003451WBT 2424Wideband tap 2x 2-way 
57004068WBV 220 PROWideband amplifier, AGC + ASC 

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