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Optical Repeater at a glance

Advantages, properties and details



Optical Standard Repeater
  • Optical Standard Repeater for "Street-Cabinet Applications" (FTTC) for Signal splitting and processing for FTTx-Networks 
  • Totally avoiding of OBI
  • Prepared for XFP EDFA module
  • High input power range
Optical Repeater Segmentable

General Features

  • Optical Repeater Segmentable for "Street-Cabinet applications" (FTTC) for easy bandwidth increase by using signal segmentation
  • Multidiode receiver to avoid OBI in US
  • Enable ODFMA signals in US and DS for new and excisting customers
  • No need for the complicated burst mode in fibre nodes 



  • US segmentation using up to 4 wavelengths 
  • Make your installed nodes OFDMA ready


O-MISO-S Inverted Node 

  • Grey optics to realize mutliwavelengths architecture in DS 
  • Handling up to 4 DS and 8 US signals provided by 4 R-Phy´s cores
  • Optimized for R-Phy based FTTB networks
Optical Hybrid Repeater (Outdoor)

OHR - Optical Hybrid Repeater

  • The OHR technology connects existing coax networks with newly expanded FTTx fiber optic networks.
  • OHR can be converted into a purely optical device.
  • Investment security if coas/fiber optic networks become pure fiber optic networks in the future.
  • Optical Outdoor Repeater (Outdoor O-MISO + Outdoor O-MISO RF / Inverted node)
  • For "Outdoor applications" for signal splitting and processing in optical networks
  • 2, 4, 8 or 16 optical entry ports
  • High gain or standard gain Version
  • Upstream: pluggable MDR avoids optical interferences (OBI)
  • Downstream: XFP EDFA module with 15/17 dBm optionally
  • Outdoor O-MISO: pluggable optical US Tx module
  • Outdoor O-MISO RF / Inverted node: pluggable optical DS Tx modul

Further information can be found in the catalogue optical networks.

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