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  • DELTANET – the smart way of getting device specific information during the installation of your network, gaining an installation topography overview
    with automatic cross checks and controlling your FTTx and HFC cable devices from DCT DELTA via our FSK receiver (FOSTRA-F).
  • DELTANET consists of the two main applications DELTANET FOSTRA-F and DELTANET ScanApp which can operate independent or jointly in a system:
  • DELTANET FOSTRA-F: Our answer on the demand of a robust remote control tool for ingress management and others functions (depending on device type).
  • DELTANET ScanApp: Supports you during installation – register your nodes / amps online with the help of bar- or QR codes (inventory), creates during the installation already a topology map based overview of your network via a parent-child relationship, cross checks duplicated wavelengths in an RFoG environment and collects images and documents during the installation date. Such online information are also useful for maintenance and service tasks.
  • A complete overview of the DELTANET solution can be found here:    Brochure DELTANET
Art. No.Article nameItem descriptionPDF
57003259HEC 2191Head End Controller FOSTRA F 
Fostra F
Art. No.Article nameItem DescriptionPDF
57001981FOSTRA FFSK Receiver RX : 868,3 MHz 
57003244FOSTRA F 862FSK Receiver RX: 862 MHz 
57003663FOSTRA F TUNEABLE HORFSK Receiver tuneable horizontal 
57003245FOSTRA F TUNEABLE VERFSK Receiver tuneable vertical 
57003559DELTANET ScanApp BasisScanApp Server Software incl. license for 500 subscribers 
57003560DELTANET ScanApp +500 LICScanApp Licence for additional 500 devices 
57003590DELTANET ScanApp +1000 LICScanApp Licence for additional 1.000 devices 
57003591DELTANET ScanApp +5000 LICScanApp Licence for additional 5.000 devices   
57003561DELTANET ScanApp ANDROIDScanApp Mobile App for Android   
57003562DELTANET ScanApp IOSScanApp Mobile App for IOS   

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