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  • Appear TV is a Norwegian manufacturer of modular decoders, encoders, transcoders, multiplexers, for the CATV, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV and corporate market.Appear TV products provide system solutions of highest flexibility owing to their modular design, for example for headends in the broadcast and IP sector.
  • DCT DELTA AG has been AppearTV´s largest partner in Germany for ten years. The customer base includes large cable network operators as well as regional operators.
  • Appear builds solutions for longevity, scalability and efficient operation. Centered on an evolving system philosophy, the ability to mix and match functionality means different applications can be handled simultaneously. There is nothing preventing an operator from catering for different market segments in the same system. Ease of upgrade and interchangeability massively extends the lifeline of an Appear solution, significantly reducing OPEX and increasing ROI. Regardless of requirements, the diverse product portfolio caters to the magnitude of requirements within professional video networking.
  • At the center of the company’s product range are Appear TV headend solutions, designed following a modular ‘headend’ philosophy, which provides flexibility and high density combined with reliability. Appear TV offers a growing range of pluggable cards which reaches from SD/HD encoders/transcoders/decoders over multiplexers, modulators and demodulators to descramblers/scramblers and IP streamers. Addition and replacement of individual modules in one or more networked chassis enable very compact and individual all-in-one solutions. Further information on the product portfolio is provided by the link below.
  • Due to the wide product range in combination with our own product portfolio and systems we can offer complete headend and distribution systems (Cable/FTTH/IPTV) right up to in-house systems. We gladly review and consult with you how solutions based on Appear TV as well as all-in-one solutions from DCT-Delta are the ideal implementation for your requirements.
  • Further information and consulting can be requested here: info@dct-delta.de | Link Appear TV
Chassis & Modules

Appear TV offers two modular platform chassis: the XC5000 (4 RU) and the XC5100 (1 RU). 

Any of the items listed below can be installed in each chassis and works as integrated solution.

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