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Remote-Phy at a glance

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Remote-PHY datasheet

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Remote-PHY at a glance

Major advantages of the DELTA Electronics Remote-PHY solution:

  • Flexible FPGA approach - the only alternative to Boradcom ASIC (Xilinx RFSoC)
  • CCAP vendor independent - tested by many interops and customer trials  
  • Optimized housing for size, power-feeding, temperature 6 kV, etc.
  • Supportable also for non-IT experts / installers on site (GUI/ConsoleApp)
  • Integrated design (M&C) of launch amplifier and RPhy module (e.g. ECO mode)
  • Flexible segmentation concept (RF und IP)
  • Supports NDR/NDF functions for VIAVI, Kronback, ...
  • Integrated FOSTRA-F functionality in RPD
  • Power bridging for short electrical outages, no reboot time needed 
  • DVB-C MPEG monitoring (SI information, PCR jitter, ...)

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